Maintaining your Sprinkler Systems in Walnut Creek, California

Sprinkler system installedEven with a new sprinkler system installed by our expert technicians, homeowners and property managers still need to perform regular maintenance to keep problems at bay. Each of the sprinkler outlets need periodic adjustments to keep the flow working correctly. Things also break from time to time, either by wear-and-tear or by physical accident.Our sprinkler repair in Walnut Creek team know that the sprinklers near automobile driveways are notorious for being damaged by accidental run-overs.

Not paying attention to sprinkler maintenance needs can lead to big, expensive messes. One broken pipe can waste hundreds of gallons of water in a single night, flooding your lawn or garden. Our maintenance services can help you avoid the worst of it and keep your system functioning safely and efficiently, providing your landscaping with exactly as much water as it needs, where it needs it.

Our long-term approach for our Walnut Creek California sprinkler repair team also provides options for customers to take advantage of new advances in water distribution technologies. We stay up to date on all the newest products to hit the market, and we know which technologies are reliable and which ones are a waste.

Call us today about a solar powered system, rain sensor installations, or the most dependable automatic sprinkler timers available today.

Sprinkler System Maintenance Services:

  • Repair of malfunctioning sprinklers Installing irrigation and sprinklers
  • Water valve and solenoid repair
  • Sprinkler pipe repair and layout design
  • Sprinkler control system repair
  • Sprinkler wiring repair
  • Sprinkler flow fixes
  • Zone additions
  • Water usage surveys